Slides for my presentation at CMStatistics 2021 are available here. The talk was about generalized additive latent and mixed models, which is further described in this post.

Slides for my presentation at the Nordic-Baltic Biometrics Conference are available here.

The organizers of the European R User Meeting 2020 have put together a really impressive event, with lots of opportunities for interaction and stimulating discussions while being fully online. I have particularly enjoyed the good mix of academic presentations focusing on methodology and more business and industry related presentations focusing on use of R in production. Today I presented the BayesMallows package in a five-minute lightning talk, and the slides (with links) are available here.

The European R User Meeting 2020 has so far been a really great event, with interesting talks and online presentations working smoothly. I presented the metagam package this morning, and the slides are available here.

Tonight I gave a presentation of Rcpp at the Oslo UseR! Group. The slides are here.

It was a nice opportunity to meet some of the many R users in town. Thanks to Deemah for organizing!

In preparing for my upcoming Rcpp talk at the Oslo useR! Group, I started wondering how much of R is actually written in C or Fortran. I have of course been trained to think that vectorization is great, because then you let C or Fortran do the job, but how much of R is actually written in these languages? Some searching led me to this blog, which analyzes R-2.13.1. However, that post is from 2011, and at the time of writing R has reached version 3-5.